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Limited-production organic extra-virgin olive oil, exclusively from Arbequina olives harvested at their optimum point of maturity between October and November, on the Can Miquel Guasch (Ibiza) and newly planted, drip-irrigated olive groves.

Organoleptic and sensory analysis: oil with an intense golden colour and green glints. On the nose it is very fruity, with an aroma of fresh almonds and half-ripe fruits, all in one harmonious ensemble. In the mouth it is sweet and enveloping, its bitterness is almost nil and the itch is slightly more pronounced.
• Pairing: Recommended for desserts, oranges with oil, sauces, fish and seafood, always used raw or at low temperatures to achieve the highest organoleptic enjoyment. Being a variety that is not rich in antioxidants, we recommend using it within around 12–15 months from the time of its production.

This Extra-Virgin Olive Oil is presented in a dark 500 ml glass bottle with a non-refillable DOP cap. The dark glass protects the oil from light, which is one of the aspects that most affect its oxidation.

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