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It is a selection of oils from the Picual and Arbequina varieties. The first is a very intense and strong variety, while the second is considered one of the most delicate and sophisticated varieties. With the coupage, these two varieties are “brought together” in different proportions, with the aim of perfecting and enhancing the qualities of both varieties to achieve an exquisite blend.

  • Organoleptic and sensory analysis: Leaf-green oil with golden tints. On the nose, notes of freshly cut grass, tomato, green olives and hints of citrus fruits and nuts to a lesser extent. In the mouth, it is smooth, with a slight and almost imperceptible hint of bitterness and a little more piquancy. It leaves a pleasant taste, with the persistence of the olive’s fruity flavour and vague hints of spiciness. It is a medium-light, balanced and full-bodied fruity oil, combining the flavour of the two varieties of olive, which complement each other perfectly and enhance the overall quality.
  • Pairing: It is ideal for dressings of any kind—in vegetable grills, pasta dishes and barbecues. It is also highly recommended for game meats, marinades and sauces with personality. As a coupage, the high oleic value and high levels of polyphenols and antioxidants found in the Picual variety ensure that the Arbequina variety oil is preserved over time, meaning that, in good conditions, it can be stored for between 15 and 20 months from its date of production..

This Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes in a 500 ml dark glass bottle with a non-refillable PDO cap. The dark glass protects the oil from light, which is one of the factors that most affects its oxidation.

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